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What does the future look like for homeless people?

Homelessness continues to be a major issue in the UK. Here Charles Fraser, CEO of St Mungos since 1994 casts his thoughts on the future of homelessness. Read more

Jan 28th | Charles Fraser | Key people, Key posts

Pet therapy

Pets provide companionship – bonding with our pets gives us feelings of loyalty and stability, and it is well known that pets can help relieve stress. Read more

Jan 25th | Team | Real life stories
Emergency Shelter at St Mungo's

St Mungo’s opens severe weather emergency shelter again this winter

Our outreach workers across London and the South are helping homeless people move inside and out of the freezing cold. Read more

Jan 22nd | Team | News, Support
Marie, moving on. Real life story.

Real life story: Moving on – Marie’s story

Marie was one of the 17 successful recruits to graduate from St Mungo’s Apprenticeship Scheme in October. Previous to this, she had led a difficult life having spent eight years being homeless. Read more

Jan 19th | Team | Real life stories
Homelessness trends - St Mungo's

Homelessness is rising

Joint briefing on Homelessness trends and predictions, put together by St Mungo’s, Shelter, Crisis and Homeless Link shows that homelessness is rising and the problem looks set to get worse. Read more

Jan 15th | Team | Hostels, shelters & projects, News
Fiona Finn - Putting Down Roots

Fiona Finn – Putting Down Roots coordinator

Putting Down Roots (PDR) is our gardening programme for homeless people. The programme recently reached a significant landmark – we’ve just had our tenth anniversary! Read more

Jan 12th | Team | Key people, News
Is homelessness set to rise?

Is homelessness set to rise?

Four leading speakers will debate the issues around homelessness at an event at the London School of Economics on Thursday 3 February Read more

Jan 10th | Team | Events, Key people, News
SPARKS revive - St Mungo’s painting and decorating enterprise

Giving homeless people the SPARKS for painting and decorating

St Mungo’s painting and decorating enterprise, ReVive, is celebrating being awarded £30,000 in the prestigious SPARKS Challenge Award for its innovative approach to helping homeless people back to work. Read more

Jan 8th | Team | News, Real life stories, Support
Adan, homeless man saves girl.

In the news this week (Friday 7 January)

Frozen Britain – St Mungo’s provides emergency shelter “Snow and freezing temperatures may have brought chaos to the Christmas getaway for millions, but for those without a home the problems have been of a far greater magnitude.” The Guardian On Christmas Eve, Luton Sinfield our Community Outreach Manager spoke to The Guardian about our severe […] Read more

Jan 7th | Team | News, Real life stories
Tracy - Case Study - St Mungo's

Real life story – Tracy

Tracy’s life completely changed at 18 when she found out her family history wasn’t what she thought it was. Soon her relationships with her family broke down, Read more

Jan 4th | Team | Real life stories

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