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LGBT Group

“I knew I could be myself here”

With the results of St Mungo’s first survey of LGBT clients due to be published later this year, Kevin Gamble, chair of St Mungo’s LGBT focus group talks about the group and its aims. Read more

Sep 16th | Kevin Gamble | Guest blogs, Hostels, shelters & projects, News, Real life stories

Celebrating International Legacy Giving Day

Just last month Jim Sawer of Thrings Solicitors explained the impact legacy giving can have on charities such as St Mungo’s, and today (Tuesday 13 September) marks the first ever International Legacy Giving day. This is part of Remember A Charity Week, where charities around the world are working together to raise awareness of legacy giving. […] Read more

Sep 13th | Team | Events, Support

Email from a resident

We recently received an email from a resident in one of our emergency shelters in London – the first email he’d ever sent. He’s given permission for us to use some of his email but with a pseudonym. We’ve edited for length but kept the original spelling and grammar as it was sent. Read more

Sep 6th | Team | Guest blogs, Hostels, shelters & projects, Real life stories, Support

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