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Joanna Lumley

Why I’m putting my hat on this Woolly Hat Day

It’s Woolly Hat Day this Friday 31 January – and we’re asking you to put your hats on to help homeless people get ahead. Here, our supporters share why they are getting involved. Read more

Jan 29th | Alice Eastwood | Events
Mike recording at Mare St Studios

Soul of a Man

Our Mare Street hostel in Hackney has a small recording studio within it, as a way of engaging with residents and the local community. Joe London helps clients to record their music. Here Joe explains more about what the studios can offer and about one exciting project that’s come to fruition. Read more

Jan 24th | Joe London | Uncategorized

How do we get the right help to women, at the right time?

Our Rebuilding Shattered Lives campaign aims to get the right help at the right time to women who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness. Sarah Hutchinson, our Policy and Research Officer, looks back at what we learnt in 2013 from the campaign and looks ahead to the next phase in 2014. Read more

Jan 10th | Sarah Hutchinson | Guest blogs

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