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Homeless Healthcare

Could someone who is homeless reach your health service?

Rachel Brown, Clinical and Chartered Psychologist, has worked within St Mungo’s Broadway for the last year both with young people and adults who are homeless or temporary housed. Here she reflects on how homeless people are excluded from healthcare services and what change might look like.  Read more

Oct 30th | Rachel Brown | Guest blogs

“I didn’t know who to turn to”

Homelessness hurts. The average age of death for a man who dies while homeless is 47 and for a woman just 43. People who are homeless experience some of the worst health in our society, yet they struggle to access the healthcare they so desperately need. Rachel Fox, Campaigns Officer, shares some of our clients’ […] Read more

Oct 28th | Rachel Fox | Guest blogs, Real life stories
Volunteers speaking

Giving your time to support homeless people

Around 500 volunteers gave over 82,700 hours of their time to help us provide our services last year. Iver Morgan, Head of our Volunteer Services, explains some of our current volunteer opportunities where we’re looking for people’s support. Read more

Oct 24th | Iver Morgan | Guest blogs, Volunteering
Casper abseiling down Senate House

Abseiling down Senate House

Casper is one of 130 brave fundraisers who took part in the Senate House Library abseil a couple of weeks ago to raise awareness and money for St Mungo’s Broadway. We asked him to tell us about his experience, what he enjoyed most about it and for any fundraising tips he could share. Thank you Casper… […] Read more

Oct 23rd | Casper Wichmann | Guest blogs, Volunteering
Roger, Job Coach

“Getting online is an opportunity for everyone”

This week is the eighth National Get Online Week, inspiring people to do more with their digital skills. There are currently 9 million adults in the UK who have never used the internet.  Amy Dwyer, our Marketing and Communications Officer, spoke with clients at our Skills and Employment Drop In Centre about what getting online […] Read more

Oct 15th | Team | Guest blogs, Real life stories, Volunteering
Gordon standing outside

Managing the future, juggling the past

Gordon is a member of the St Mungo’s Broadway client representative group, Outside In. He’s offered to write a regular blog for us, as he faces some big changes in his own life, and also to highlight issues facing other people who’ve experienced homelessness. This is Gordon’s seventh, and penultimate, blog.  Read more

Oct 7th | Gordon Chaston | Guest blogs
For blog

What if the House of Commons was a homeless hostel?

Using data from our Client Needs Survey, we imagined what the House of Commons would look like as a hostel for homeless people with a complex range of needs and backgrounds. Howard Sinclair, Chief Executive, explains more and how we go about addressing these issues. Some of you with longer memories and knowledge of the learning […] Read more

Oct 2nd | Howard Sinclair | Key people

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