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56 days to prevent homelessness

September 2, 2016 :: 11.00am
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In 56 days time MPs will have the chance to help make some major improvements to the homelessness legislation.

On 28 October we need MPs to turn up in Parliament to help turn the Homelessness Reduction Bill into law.

Why is 56 days important?

The Homelessness Reduction Bill would give councils 56 days to help prevent someone becoming homeless.

At the moment councils are only required to intervene when someone is facing homelessness within 28 days, and even then there is not much they are required to do for people who do not fit into the ‘priority need’ categories.

If you found out today that you, or your friends or family, were facing homelessness in just 56 days time, wouldn’t you want to know you could get help straight away?

Giving councils more time to respond to the threat of homelessness will mean there are more options available and the chances of success are higher.

56 days to go, tell your MP to act

In order for the Homelessness Reduction Bill to become law, MPs must attend the debate on Friday 28 October and support the bill. Unless 100 or more MPs attend the debate, parliamentary rules mean that just one MP will be able to kill the bill.

In 56 days, MPs have a momentous opportunity to prevent more people becoming homeless and sleeping rough. Please ask your MP to seize this opportunity and put the 28 October in their diary now, before it’s too late.

If you do nothing else today, show your support for the Homelessness Reduction Bill by emailing your MP using our online form. It’ll only take a couple of minutes and could make a big difference. Get involved, help us improve legislation to prevent people becoming homeless.

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