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14 days to go….

It’s 14 days to the second reading of the Homelessness Reduction Bill in the House of Commons. This the best chance we’ve had in a generation to change the law on homelessness. We need as many MPs to support the bill… Read more

Oct 14th | Martin Kitara | Campaigns
Mungos_Street sleeping St Paul's

56 days to prevent homelessness

In 56 days time MPs will have the chance to help make some major improvements to the homelessness legislation. On 28 October we need MPs to turn up in Parliament to help turn the Homelessness Reduction Bill into law. Why is 56 days important? The Homelessness Reduction Bill would give councils 56 days to help […] Read more

Sep 2nd | Bea Orchard | Campaigns, Key posts
St Mungo's Broadway rough sleeper outreach 2 LR

Help change the law on homelessness

The Communities and Local Government Select Committee has released its report calling for a new government strategy to address homelessness in England. The report comes out strongly in favour of the new Homelessness Reduction Bill – great news for our Stop the Scandal campaign. Francesca from our Campaigns team explains the importance of the Bill and […] Read more

Aug 19th | Team | Campaigns, Key posts
CHAIN blog 1

With rough sleeping still rising, we need political leadership like this

Yesterday, amidst the political uncertainty following last week’s referendum result, it was good to be able to welcome a very positive initiative taken in Parliament to help the growing number of homeless people across the country. Our Executive Director of Strategy and Policy, Dominic Williamson, explains more about the Homelessness Reduction Bill. Read more

Jun 30th | Dominic Williamson | Campaigns, Guest blogs
A typical night as an Outreach worker.

Stop the Scandal of people with mental health illness sleeping rough

Greg, an Outreach worker in Brighton, explains why people must join us to call upon David Cameron and #StoptheScandal of people with mental health illness sleeping on the streets. In the Brighton Street Outreach Service, we find people who are sleeping rough and support them to move into accommodation. And every time I walk the streets of Brighton […] Read more

Feb 25th | Greg | Campaigns, Guest blogs, Real life stories

Stop the Scandal: Alex’s story

Alex’s story shows the shocking reality for people who find themselves sleeping rough with a mental health problem and why we’re campaigning to Stop the Scandal. Despite having slept rough in the same spot in London outside a church for three and a half years, no one knew very much about Alex. Not even her […] Read more

Feb 24th | Campaigns Team | Campaigns, Hostels, shelters & projects, Real life stories
Patrick Blog

Stop the Scandal: Patrick’s story

Please join me and support St Mungo’s Stop the Scandal campaign asking David Cameron to make sure people with mental health problems are not stuck sleeping rough. When I became homeless I was in a very dark place due to a traumatic experience in my past which affected my mental health. I started using substances […] Read more

Feb 24th | Patrick | Campaigns, Guest blogs, Real life stories

Why cuts to Local Welfare Provision could cause repeat homelessness

Last week the government released its final local government finance settlement for 2016/17. We are disappointed that this settlement confirms that the government has decided to cut separate funding for local welfare provision. This cut, combined with pressure on local budgets, could result in local authorities having to reduce or stop providing local welfare provision […] Read more

Feb 19th | Sara Turner | Campaigns, News, Real life stories
Our team at Pride London.

LGBT History Month: faith leaders paving the way

Each February LGBT History Month takes place across the world to celebrate the lives and achievements of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans community. This year’s theme is religion, belief and philosophy, so we’re celebrating the faith leaders who strive to break down barriers and make religious communities more safe and accepting for all. Zenju […] Read more

Feb 10th | Chloe Green | Campaigns, Key people, News, Real life stories
Gary and Lola the dog

The new London Mayor must do more to tackle homelessness

7,500 people slept rough on London’s streets last year and it’s clear that the next London Mayor must take homelessness more seriously than ever. Read Gary’s story about how he ended up homeless. Read more

Jan 25th | Olivia De Santos | Campaigns, Guest blogs, Real life stories

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