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“It was awesome”

July 14, 2015 :: 1.42pm
Pride unicorn

Bristol Pride was a great gathering last week, which included our clients and staff. David Ingerslev, manager of our Compass Centre in Bristol, explains what it meant to be involved for him and others.

Bristol Pride was a particularly fantastic event for our clients and staff this year.

For one, St Mungo’s Broadway took a “Mungicorn” along. This huge unicorn was designed for the event with the help of Bristol graffiti artist Andy Council but took shape thanks mainly to efforts of clients including Robert, Kris, Jayne, Paul, Phil, Nathan and many others, and staff members Calum, Simon, Christian, Maddy, Rubyjo and myself. 

It took a lot of decorating. Here’s what Robert said about it:

“I just felt, although I started the project, it wasn’t my project. I had skills but I had to rely on other people because I couldn’t do it on my own. Everyone had an input.

“I couldn’t imagine what it would look like before it finished. It was just awesome.

“I was terrified waiting to push it around the Pride march, nervous it would fall over or the legs would give way, but full of excitement. Someone else was pushing it, other people were holding it. I just saw something different in all the people. I haven’t seen people come together like that before.”

And that’s exactly how it was. Our Mungicorn led out the parade and we were proud to be there on such a sunny day as part of the Bristol community.

For Robert in particular though, it was a special day in other ways.

The day before, he was a bit nervous about attending his first Pride and about being seen covered in glitter. But he was very proud of his 6ft tall rolling unicorn float creation and wanted to see it safely around the march.

After some encouragement and discussion with staff and other clients, Robert felt more confident that he would be welcome at Pride and that a little bit of glitter wouldn’t hurt!

On the morning he told me that he had contacted his daughter, who he hadn’t been in contact with for some time, and told her that he was involved in Pride.

He said that because his daughter is lesbian, his work for Pride was a huge ice-breaker and that she was going to come to see the unicorn during the event after the march and meet up with him, which would be the first time he had seen her for a while.

He was very proud and happy to have built bridges with his daughter.

His story touched all of us. We are very proud of him and of being part of such a life-changing Pride.

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