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Books_more than just literacy

Books – more than just literacy

Since February we have been asking what book matters most to you, and why, as part of our Reading Matters campaign. Here, Liv Dragomir, Campaigns Volunteer, shares some of the answers from our supporters. Read more

Aug 20th | Rachel Fox | Campaigns, Uncategorized
reading matters

School’s out for summer!

The summer term is coming to an end – for schools, universities and for our own Recovery Colleges in London and Bristol. As part of our Reading Matters campaign, we talked about learning experiences with some of our clients, staff, and with input from some high school students in Hammersmith, west London. Campaigns Manager Jennean […] Read more

Jul 18th | Jennean Alkadiri | Guest blogs, Real life stories
Action Week 2014 Parliamentary

Reading, writing and counting to keep a roof over your head

Howard Sinclair became Chief Executive of newly merged St Mungo’s Broadway on 1 April. Two months in, he’s learning on the job. Read more

Jun 19th | Howard Sinclair | Campaigns, Events, Key people
Action week 2014 - reading counts

“My enjoyment of going to literacy classes has grown and grown”

Half of homeless people lack the necessary literacy skills for everyday life. This is the key finding of our new report, Reading Counts, which is published today. This week is our annual Action Week and we are calling for action on skills. Here Luke, one of our clients, explains in his own words how he mastered […] Read more

Jun 16th | Luke | Campaigns, Key posts, Real life stories, Support

Homeless adults need better support for literacy and numeracy skills

The Work Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation and independent authority providing advice, consultancy and research on the future of work, and improving the quality of working life. Foundation Researcher Katy Jones helped interview 30 clients as part of a new report to be launched next Monday, to mark our Action Week on homelessness and skills. Read more

Jun 11th | Katy Jones | Campaigns, Events, Real life stories

Why Does Reading Matter?

As part of our A Future. Now campaign, we’ve been asking people to demand that basic skills training is accessible to people who are homeless or at risk. Campaigns Manager Jennean Alkadiri writes about the breadth of responses we’ve had so far and what they tell us about the importance of literacy skills.  Read more

May 29th | Jennean Alkadiri | Events, Support

Living the dream and paying the bills

Gordon is a member of the St Mungo’s Broadway client representative group, Outside In. He’s offered to write a regular blog for us, as he faces some big changes in his own life, and also to highlight issues facing other people who’ve experienced homelessness. This is Gordon’s fourth blog. Read more

May 6th | Gordon Chaston | Guest blogs, Real life stories
Jared reading

A fair wind and a good book

Gordon is a member of St Mungo’s client representative group, Outside In. He’s writing some blogs for us over the months ahead, as he faces some big changes in his own life, moving from St Mungo’s accommodation into his own place. He’s also highlighting issues facing other people who’ve experienced homelessness. Here’s his second blog. Read more

Mar 6th | Gordon Chaston | Guest blogs, Hostels, shelters & projects, Real life stories

A Future. Now

This week sees the launch of Reading Matters asking you to sign our petition to ensure basic skills training is well funded, suitable and accessible to all homeless people. Tanya English, Executive Director of Fundraising and Communications, explains why we are campaigning on this issue. Read more

Feb 27th | Tanya English | Key people, Uncategorized

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