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Walking for Recovery Pride in Haringey

This week St Mungo’s Haringey Recovery Service (HRS) held a two mile ‘Recovery Pride Walk’ in celebration of the journeys of the service’s users. The theme of the walk was “Recovery is a Journey Not a Destination.” For clients who took part, each step they took on the walk marked their journey to recovery from […] Read more

Sep 23rd | Martin Kitara | Events, Hostels, shelters & projects, Real life stories, Support, Uncategorized

“I didn’t know who to turn to”

Homelessness hurts. The average age of death for a man who dies while homeless is 47 and for a woman just 43. People who are homeless experience some of the worst health in our society, yet they struggle to access the healthcare they so desperately need. Rachel Fox, Campaigns Officer, shares some of our clients’ […] Read more

Oct 28th | Rachel Fox | Guest blogs, Real life stories

Sun, Fun and the Work Goes On

Gordon is a member of the St Mungo’s Broadway client representative group, Outside In. He’s offered to write a regular blog for us, as he faces some big changes in his own life, and also to highlight issues facing other people who’ve experienced homelessness. This is Gordon’s fifth blog. Read more

May 22nd | Gordon Chaston | Guest blogs, Key people

Five ways to reduce the harm alcohol does to your body

This week (18-24 November) is Alcohol Awareness Week. We have been running workshops on alcohol awareness and harm reduction in some of our projects. Shaaban Juma, our Substance Use Worker, shares some of the ways to reduce the harm alcohol does to your body, which he has been discussing with clients. Read more

Nov 22nd | Shaaban Juma | Hostels, shelters & projects

Why is healthcare for homeless people still such a challenge?

Charles Fraser, St Mungo’s Chief Executive, is attending a public health event in London today. Here he writes about the link between ill health and homelessness and his view of the way forward. Read more

Mar 22nd | Charles Fraser | Events, Guest blogs
We believe that the Alcohol Strategy should be a driving force in reducing the harm that alcohol causes to people, including our clients, who are damaged and killed by alcohol

Drink up?

The House of Commons Health Committee commented on the Government’s alcohol strategy for England this week. St Mungo’s contributed its views to the strategy, which was published in March. Some of our points were cited in yesterday’s committee report and Kim Harper, Policy, Public Affairs and Research Manager, summarises our key concerns. Read more

Jul 20th | Kim Harper | Hostels, shelters & projects, News
St Mungo's Action Week 2012 is just one month away

Homeless, vulnerable

It’s a month today till the start of St Mungo’s Action Week and the launch of our campaign Rebuilding Shattered Lives. This campaign focuses on homeless and vulnerable women. Over 18 months we want to create a showcase of best practice, debate and innovative practice from across sectors and enable people to share experiences and […] Read more

May 18th | David Orton | Key people, News, Real life stories, Support

Junior’s story

Prior to this he had a job, a car and somewhere to live. Sadly, his work contract finished, he lost his flat and he was reduced to sleeping in his car. Read more

Dec 16th | Team | Real life stories

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