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Today is Trans Day of Remembrance

What is Trans Day of Remembrance (TDOR)? Every year on 20 November we mark Trans Day of Remembrance, a date that sees people from across the globe honour those we’ve lost through transphobic violence and transphobia. Today is an important opportunity to spread awareness about the contribution trans people make to our communities and reaffirm […] Read more

Nov 20th | Chloe Green | Campaigns, Real life stories

“I’ve learned a lot from my journey.”

Our new LGBT*Q+ pathway service in East London provides specialised support for 12 clients, helping them to rebuild their lives in a safe environment. Amy Dwyer, our Marketing and Communications Officer, visited one of the projects while it was setting up. Read more

Aug 18th | Eleanor Levy | Hostels, shelters & projects
Pride unicorn

“It was awesome”

Bristol Pride was a great gathering last week, which included our clients and staff. David Ingerslev, manager of our Compass Centre in Bristol, explains what it meant to be involved for him and others. Read more

Jul 14th | David Ingerslev | Events, News

Why is LGBT history month important to our clients and staff?

LGBT History Month was established to raise awareness about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender history and combat prejudice against such groups. Our client Jayne, co-facilitator of our client LGBT group, and Addison Barnett, vice chair of our LGBT*Q+ staff network, share their stories. Read more

Feb 27th | Addison Barnett | Guest blogs, Real life stories

St Mungo’s Broadway LGBT*Q+ What’s in a name?

Our LGBT group has changed its name to better reflect the diversity of its members and the wider community. As the group looks forward to taking part in Pride celebrations in London and Bristol, Gayle Jones, Co-Chair, explains.  Read more

Jun 26th | Hannah Eiseman | Support
St Mungo's LGBT group at Pride London

“For the first time in my career I am able to be me”

Saturday 17 May is International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. Co-chairs of our LGBT group at St Mungo’s Broadway, Gayle and Pragna talk more about the prejudice they have faced, and about making things better in the workplace. Read more

May 14th | Hannah Eiseman | Events, Guest blogs, Real life stories
St Mungo's LBGT group - in blue t-shirts with rainbow flags and a banner, at London Pride

Tweet Week LGBTQ

This week, until 1 December, Kevin Gamble, the chair of St Mungo’s LGBT Employee Network Group, will be curating Tweet Week LGBTQ. He explains more about the project and invites you to get involved. Read more

Nov 25th | Kevin Gamble | Guest blogs

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