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David at House of Commons Oct 15

A new approach to recovery

David is a member of our client involvement group Outside In and has been using our psychotherapy service since May 2014. He discusses how the ‘Recovery approach’ has helped him turnaround and regain control of his life. Read more

Jul 29th | David | Guest blogs, Hostels, shelters & projects
Iver 1

Tackling homelessness across continents

This week Kate Thomson, our Apprenticeship Coordinator and Iver Morgan, our Head of Volunteering, are travelling to Canada on a funded study trip to gain an insight into how organisations there are seeking to end homelessness. Iver explains more. At 6am this Saturday morning I’ll be walking the streets of Toronto.  Why you may well […] Read more

Oct 14th | Iver Morgan | Guest blogs

Men’s Health – A Recovery Approach

Shaaban is a Substance Use Worker at our west London hostel. To mark Men’s Health Week, he shares his own story and how it has influenced his approach to recovery. Read more

Jun 19th | Shaaban Juma | Hostels, shelters & projects, Key people, Key posts

Adult Learners’ Week

Adult Learners’ Week is the UK’s largest annual festival of learning, inspiring thousands of people each year to discover how learning can change their lives. Read more

Jun 16th | Team | Hostels, shelters & projects, Support

Why is LGBT history month important to our clients and staff?

LGBT History Month was established to raise awareness about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender history and combat prejudice against such groups. Our client Jayne, co-facilitator of our client LGBT group, and Addison Barnett, vice chair of our LGBT*Q+ staff network, share their stories. Read more

Feb 27th | Addison Barnett | Guest blogs, Real life stories
Rupert and Arthur

“We enjoyed sharing our experience and knowledge”

Our west London hostel holds a weekly history club, giving clients and volunteers an opportunity to learn about and debate a range of influential events from the past. Chloe Knight, Assistant Project Manager at Edith Road, explains.  Read more

Feb 10th | Team | Guest blogs, Hostels, shelters & projects
Yoga class

Carpe Diem (seize the day)

The Recovery College is an innovative project offering free courses to people who have experienced homelessness. Courses are designed and taught with, and by, our clients and everyone is welcome. Our client Yasi shares her experience of attending the College and inspires others to enrol.  Read more

Jan 12th | Yasi | Guest blogs, Hostels, shelters & projects, Real life stories

How can we help people understand mental health?

David is a volunteer and member of Outside In, our client representative group. Here he talks about the importance of mental health and how he believes everyone needs more education about the issue. Read more. Read more

Nov 25th | Team | Guest blogs, Real life stories
reading matters

School’s out for summer!

The summer term is coming to an end – for schools, universities and for our own Recovery Colleges in London and Bristol. As part of our Reading Matters campaign, we talked about learning experiences with some of our clients, staff, and with input from some high school students in Hammersmith, west London. Campaigns Manager Jennean […] Read more

Jul 18th | Jennean Alkadiri | Guest blogs, Real life stories

The end of local welfare provision?

Local welfare provision schemes, run by local councils and funded by central Government, are frequently used by our residents to buy some essentials as they move on in their lives. Dan Dumoulin, senior policy officer, explains more. Read more

Jul 11th | Dan Dumoulin | Support

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